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From Version 2.0.0, WC Fields Factory support multilingual feature, now its easy to localize your custom field’s labels, messages, options …

How it Determines

Right now it determine the user current locale by reading HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header, and then it tries to find whether WPML plugin is installed and current locale is set (By using their ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE constant). If WPML is installed and active then ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE will be used otherwise HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE will be used, in case if both failed, then no translation will be applied.

How to setup

Go to wp-admin -> Fields Factory -> Settings, Set the Multilingual option (Last one) choose the Yes option, now you will be shown the language selector widget, from the check all the languages that you wanted to support, and hit the Save button.

Now go to wp-admin -> Fields Factory -> Product Fields -> your product fields group post, and click Edit button on any field. in the Factory View you can see Translate button next to each translatable configuration. Hit that button to input different language values. That’s it you are all set.

This is how Translate Button looks like

Translatable Options

Field Types Translatable
Text Label, Placeholder, Default Value and Message
Number Label, Placeholder and Message
Email Label, Placeholder and Message
Label Message
Text Area Label, Placeholder, Default Value and Message
Check Box Label, Option, Default Options and Message
Radio Button Label, Option, Default Options and Message
Select Label, Option, Default Options and Message
Date picker Label, Placeholder and Message
Color Picker Label and Message
File Label and Message

“Translate” button would appear next to all Translatable config

Set the translated values to corresponding language

Product Page with Translated Custom Fields

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2 Comment(s)

  1. Aivaras December 5, 2017

    Thank you for this great plugin, but how I can translate “Additional options” text?

    1. Saravana Kumar K December 8, 2017

      Oh, I left that out right.? I will update the multilingual option to that config as well on my next release.
      in the mean time wait for the Version 2.0.5, on which I am including a filter for that “Additional options” text where you can override it from your functions.php.