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Cloud and Hosting Management

Cloud and Hosting Management

Cloud and Hosting Management

We are an expertise in setting up Linux Based Cloud environment for your business.

It includes installing and configuring Linux based distribution of your choice and making it production ready state where you can any type of applications from a basic HTML sites to Content Management System to a large scale ERP system.

Operating Systems

Installing and configuring various Linux based distributions ( CentOs, Fedora, Ubuntu ... )

Production Ready

Setting up your private VPS server production ready, which includes Installing all the basic dependencies and libraries.


Installing Java Run Time & Java Development Kit


Installing and Configuring LAMP server ( Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP )


Installing and configuring LEMP server ( Linux, Nginx, MySql and PHP )

Repository Management

Installing and configuring source control managements ( SVN, GitLab ... )

Dedicated Mail Server

Installing and configuring your own private email server ( iRedMail )


Securing your VPS by installing SSL certificates, and following the best practices to avoid being hacked.

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